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  • MOBOX is a gaming platform and metaverse creator that combines DeFi yield farming with gaming NFTs.
  • The native utility token is MBOX, which is used for in-game transactions, governance, liquidity mining, and NFT mystery boxes.
  • The total supply of MBOX tokens is 1 billion, with 51% minted by the community, 21% for community contributors, 8% for strategic partners, and 20% for the team.
  • The token release is spread over 5 years, with a decreasing amount released each year.
  • 80% of platform fees are used to burn MBOX tokens, reducing the total supply and potentially increasing the token’s value

About MOBOX: Unlocking the Future of Gaming and DeFi

Introducing MOBOX (MBOX): A Revolutionary DeFi Platform

MBOX is the native utility token, serving as the cornerstone of our ecosystem, utilized for:

The Circulating Supply of MBOX Coins: A Closer Look

The MOBOX platform debuted with a fair launch, devoid of pre-seed, pre-sale, or pre-TVL, on April 06, 2021, boasting a total supply of 1 billion tokens. A significant 51% of these tokens are minted by the community, while 21% are allocated to community contributors, 8% to strategic partners, and 20% reserved for the team. The MBOX token is released over a five-year period, with 400 million tokens being released in the inaugural year, followed by a diminishing supply in subsequent years. Notably, 80% of platform fees are utilized to burn MBOX tokens via a unique smart contract, which is triggered to facilitate automatic buybacks and token burning.

The Visionary Founders Behind MOBOX Protocol

The founders of MOBOX boast an impressive pedigree, having been instrumental in the DApp space since 2018. Leveraging their extensive expertise in coding smart contracts, the team has successfully navigated the deployment of over $4 billion across their diverse range of DApps.

With a diverse international team, MOBOX has successfully established a global presence, fostering vibrant communities that span the globe. Notably, their previous DApp achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first-ever gaming DApp to be featured on Binance Launchpad.

Acquiring MBOX Tokens: A Comprehensive Guide

Investors can acquire MBOX tokens on Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, via the following link:


. Alternatively, MBOX tokens can also be purchased on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange, at


. Moreover, users can conveniently buy MBOX tokens directly on the Mobox website, which has integrated Pancake Swap, at



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Introducing MOBOX: A Revolutionary Gaming Ecosystem

A pioneering gaming platform and metaverse creator, seamlessly integrating automated, optimized DeFi yield farming with gaming NFTs to craft a revolutionary GameFi metaverse – the MOMOverse. This cross-platform metaverse is accessible on all devices, anywhere, anytime. By fostering a dynamic ecosystem, the MOMOverse incentivizes players, developers, and collectors alike, rewarding their engagement, creativity, and enjoyment.

In-Game Currency: The MBOX Token Facilitates Seamless In-Game Purchases, Encompassing

Acquiring additional characters, participating in the lottery wheel, and earning incentives for in-game activities, such as rewards for engaging in intense Player-versus-Player (PvP) battles, further enrich the gaming experience.

Governance: MBOX Token Holders to Exercise Decision-Making Authority through Submission and Voting on Proposals

Submissions to shape the platform’s trajectory and inform its strategic evolution.

Liquidity Mining: Unlocking Rewards through Diverse Liquidity Pools

Users can leverage the platform or stake MOMO NFTs to accrue staking rewards, which are denominated in MBOX tokens.

NFT Mystery Boxes: Users Can Stake MBOX Tokens (veMBOX) for an Opportunity to Unveil

Acquire exclusive MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes, each one a unique treasure trove of surprises.

Introducing MOBOX MOMO NFTs:

  • Generated through the unlocking of enigmatic blind boxes (Mystery Boxes)
  • Locked in a Smart Contract to facilitate the minting of MBOX tokens.
  • Freely tradable on the MOBOX NFT Marketplace.
  • Universally applicable across all games within the MOBOX ecosystem.
  • Stratified according to their relative rarity.

Introducing MOBOX: A Revolutionary Platform

MOBOX is a pioneering web3 gaming platform that seamlessly integrates user-generated content, decentralized governance, and a vibrant virtual world known as the MOMOverse. Within this immersive ecosystem, players can interact with one another, vie for territorial dominance in the captivating game of MOLand, and engage in a diverse array of interactive activities. The platform is meticulously designed to incentivize players, developers, and collectors for their active participation and valuable contributions, thereby cultivating a thriving, community-driven environment.

At the heart of MOBOX lies its native utility token, MBOX, which assumes a multifaceted role within the ecosystem. It functions as an in-game currency, empowering users to make purchases, acquire additional characters, and participate in lotteries. Moreover, MBOX plays a pivotal role in the platform’s governance, granting token holders the authority to submit proposals and cast votes on the future trajectory of the platform. Furthermore, MBOX is utilized for liquidity mining, where users can stake in liquidity pools or stake MOMO NFTs to earn rewards. Another distinctive feature is the NFT mystery boxes, which users can obtain by staking MBOX tokens, thereby further integrating the use of NFTs within the platform.

The MOBOX platform places a strong emphasis on the creation and trading of MOMO NFTs, which are meticulously crafted through mystery boxes and can be staked to yield MBOX tokens. These distinctive NFTs are categorized into tiers based on their rarity, playing a pivotal role in the immersive gaming experience on MOBOX, and boasting seamless usability across all games on the platform.

Launched on April 6, 2021, MOBOX debuted with a fair and equitable distribution, devoid of pre-seed, pre-sale, or pre-TVL funding. The total token supply is capped at 1 billion, with a carefully crafted distribution plan that allocates 51% to community-driven minting. Additional allocations are reserved for community contributors, strategic partners, and the team. The token release is staggered over a five-year period, with a decreasing amount released each subsequent year. Notably, a substantial portion of platform fees is earmarked for a bespoke smart contract, which automatically buys back and burns MBOX tokens, thereby establishing a deflationary mechanism.

The founders of MOBOX boast a rich pedigree in the Dapp space, with a proven track record dating back to 2018. Having successfully managed a staggering $4 billion across their applications, their international team has cultivated thriving communities globally. Notably, their previous Dapp achievement was being the inaugural gaming Dapp to be showcased on a prominent cryptocurrency exchange’s esteemed Launchpad.

In conclusion, MOBOX embodies a multifaceted gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, harnessing the power of blockchain technology to craft a decentralized, community-centric platform. By seamlessly integrating gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and governance, MOBOX presents a diverse array of opportunities for users to engage, create, and accrue value within the digital realm.

MOBOX Security: A Robust Framework

MOBOX prioritizes the security of its platform and users through a
multilayered approach, recognizing the paramount importance of safeguarding its
gaming platform and metaverse creator. To this end, MOBOX has implemented a
range of cutting-edge security measures. These include the deployment of
state-of-the-art surveillance technology, comprehensive alarm systems, and
secure coded entry protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore,
these physical security measures are reinforced by robust digital protections,
ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of sensitive data.

Beyond its robust physical and digital security protocols, MOBOX undertakes proactive legal consultations to ensure that its security practices not only comply with but surpass current regulatory standards, thereby providing an additional layer of protection against potential legal and security challenges. The platform’s unwavering commitment to security is further exemplified by its rigorous data protection practices, which safeguard user information and transaction data against breaches and unauthorized access, thereby ensuring the integrity of sensitive information.

In the event of a security concern, MOBOX has instituted a rigorous protocol for expedient notification of relevant parties, thereby ensuring that any potential issues are swiftly addressed, mitigating the impact on users and the platform itself.

The MOBOX ecosystem, encompassing its native utility token MBOX and a diverse range of functionalities, including in-game currency, governance, liquidity mining, and NFT mystery boxes, derives significant benefits from these exhaustive security measures. By safeguarding the platform and its assets, MOBOX fosters a secure environment, empowering users to engage in gaming, NFT trading, and participate in the platform’s governance with confidence.

The platform’s approach to security is a testament to its founders’ profound expertise in the Dapp space, underscoring their unwavering commitment to crafting a secure and immersive gaming ecosystem. With a global community and a proven track record of successful projects, MOBOX remains steadfast in its prioritization of security as the bedrock of its development and user experience.

Unlocking the Potential of MOBOX: A Multifaceted Ecosystem

MOBOX (MBOX) functions as a versatile utility token within the expansive GameFi ecosystem, dubbed the MOMOverse. As a pivotal digital asset, it plays a crucial role in facilitating the platform’s operations, thereby providing users with a diverse range of applications that significantly elevate their gaming and financial experiences.

As the cornerstone in-game currency, MBOX plays a vital role in facilitating a diverse range of transactions and activities within the platform. By leveraging MBOX, players can unlock additional characters, participate in the thrilling lottery wheel, and receive enticing incentives for their prowess in Player-versus-Player (PvP) battles. This multifaceted utility significantly elevates the gaming experience, providing users with a gateway to access exclusive content and coveted rewards.

Moreover, MBOX assumes a pivotal role in the governance of the MOBOX platform, where token holders are afforded the opportunity to submit proposals and cast votes on crucial decisions that shape the platform’s development and trajectory. This empowering feature enables the community to have a decisive say in the platform’s future.

Liquidity mining constitutes another pivotal application of MBOX. By staking their tokens in diverse liquidity pools or leveraging MOMO NFTs, users can earn staking rewards denominated in MBOX. This mechanism serves as a powerful incentive, encouraging users to contribute to the platform’s liquidity, thereby bolstering its overall health and stability.

Furthermore, MBOX tokens can be utilized to acquire coveted NFT mystery boxes. By staking MBOX tokens, users can unlock the opportunity to receive exclusive MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes, which contain a diverse array of NFTs that can be seamlessly integrated across all games on the MOBOX platform. These NFTs are meticulously tiered according to their rarity, thereby injecting an element of thrill and value into the staking process.

The MOBOX platform and its MBOX token were launched with a steadfast commitment to fairness and community-centricity. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, a substantial proportion is minted by the community, thereby empowering users to play a pivotal role in the platform’s growth trajectory. The tokenomics are also designed with a mechanism for burning MBOX tokens, which utilizes 80% of platform fees to gradually reduce the total supply, potentially leading to a surge in the token’s value over time.

In summary, MBOX functions as a multifaceted utility token within the MOBOX ecosystem, facilitating seamless in-game transactions, governance, liquidity mining, and the procurement of enigmatic NFT mystery boxes, thereby underscoring a steadfast commitment to fostering community engagement and driving sustainable platform expansion.

What pivotal milestones have marked MOBOX’s journey?

MOBOX has made a notable impact in the realms of cryptocurrency and gaming, with a series of pivotal events that have defined its trajectory. A landmark moment in MOBOX’s journey was the strategic burning of $MBOX tokens, a deliberate move within a broader mechanism aimed at regulating token supply, potentially influencing its value, and fostering a sustainable ecosystem for both users and investors. The burning process, which allocates 80% of platform fees to automatically repurchase and destroy tokens, underscores MOBOX’s dedication to maintaining a balanced token economy.

Another pivotal milestone in MOBOX’s timeline is its participation in exclusive, limited-time MOMO farm events. These events provide users with a unique opportunity to interact with the platform in innovative ways, cultivating a sense of community and rewarding active engagement. By staking their assets and participating in these events, users can reap rewards, thereby enriching their overall experience and deepening their connection with the platform.

Moreover, MOBOX has demonstrated its commitment to growth and innovation by proactively releasing new updates and forging strategic partnerships. These updates frequently introduce novel features, enhancements, and expansions to the MOBOX ecosystem, thereby ensuring the platform’s competitiveness and relevance in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and gaming. Meanwhile, partnerships have unlocked new opportunities for collaboration and integration, further consolidating MOBOX’s market position.

At its essence, MOBOX is a pioneering gaming platform and metaverse architect that innovatively converges DeFi yield farming with gaming NFTs, thereby crafting a comprehensive GameFi metaverse known as the MOMOverse. This cross-platform metaverse incentivizes players, developers, and collectors for their participation, offering a diverse array of activities spanning content creation, immersive gaming experiences, and the collection of unique NFTs. The platform’s native utility token, MBOX, assumes a pivotal role in facilitating seamless in-game transactions, governance, liquidity mining, and access to NFT mystery boxes, thereby forming an integral component of the MOBOX ecosystem.

As with any investment, prospective users and investors are advised to undertake exhaustive due diligence to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in MOBOX and its diverse offerings.

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